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Norse Invasion is a Real Time Strategy game where you build and upgrade your army and attack the enemy. Build your forces, strike quick and hit hard. Timing is everything do you have what it takes?

Norse invasion is currently only available on the iOS platform. To be a beta tester you will need a iDevice and an iCloud account. Please note the below Beta Tester form is a Mail Chimp form and will send a validation Email to your Email Address. If you do not receive one and reply you will not be signed Up for Beta Testing. This is a standard email confirmation process and as such may end up in your junk mail or bulk mail folder, please check there if you did not receive one. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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Play with your friends locally or online. Take the battle to the streets whenever and wherever you want.
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Build and command your army! Use strategy and resources to fight your way to the top.
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With resources you can do anything. Upgrade your structures and forces to defend your land and punish your enemy.


The archer excels at long range combat punishing enemies from a distance.



For those "this is so crazy it might just work" moments.



When you need that extra strength the Knight is there to save the day.



A key component to any team is a healer if you want to stay in the battle.

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Explore & Build

Explore your surroundings and gather resources. use those resources to build your village and expand your army. When you are ready you can take fight online and challenge other players. Be ready if you're not you could suffer the consequences.